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A Taste of the Lower East Side

Turn-of-the-century tenements with patina facades house biodynamic wine stores. The corner slice joint rubs elbows with the starred cuisine of Wildair and Contra. And a perfect date night is sharing a Katz's pastrami followed by a scoop of black sesame from Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

Making a Mark

Biker chic accentuated by leather goods by the same maker who creates the outfits for one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Intellectually bearded with a trim from the barber shop/clothing atelier in the hidden alley. Vintage finds at neighboring boutiques sourced by the world’s greatest stylists.

Green With Envy

There are a myriad of sanctuaries amid the stimulation of the L.E.S. Hidden courtyard gardens, perfect for Sunday brunch. Tree-lined promenades with basketball courts and jogging paths. Quaint low-rise blocks shaded by native specimens. And, just an elevator ride away, your own rooftop perch with views stretching across the cityscape.

Art & Commerce

Individuality threads the L.E.S. retail experience - from vintage purveyors to next-generation gallerists. A place where experiential art is a given, and where curators from the Whitney, DIA, and MoMA search for new talent. Art is everywhere.

Close to Home

From Speakeasies to Easy Riders - it seems every new "best of New York" entry is located in your vicinity. Every side street offers a new discovery. It's brash, charming, stimulating, real, welcoming, and vibrant. It's home.

A limited selection of studio to four bedroom condominium residences

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