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A Limited Selection of Studio to Four Bedroom Condominium Residences

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Onsite Model Residences
196 Orchard Street
New York NY 10002


Established by Ben Shaoul in 1998, Magnum Real Estate Group is a vertically integrated real estate company based in New York City. The firm’s expansive $3 billion portfolio includes historic condominium conversions, new construction residential condominiums, multi-family rental projects and neighborhood supporting retail investments across the city. Since its inception, Magnum’s success has been founded in its ability to acquire property, develop it to its full potential, and manage it effectively. Portfolio highlights include 100 Barclay Street, 196 Orchard Street, 100 Avenue A, 87 Leonard Street, The Arman, 389 E 89 and The Luminaire in Gramercy Park.


Real Estate Equities Corporation (REEC) is a family-owned development firm founded in 1978 by Michael Miller. Today, the company is headed by his son Brandon Miller and Mark Seigel. REEC has built over 20 million square feet of commercial properties throughout the United States. REEC has an extensive track record in New York City development including recent projects such as 375 West Broadway, 344 West 14th Street, 1776 Broadway, and 56 Beaver Street. REEC has a broad range of real estate expertise that includes commercial, condominium, multifamily, office, and single-family home development and management. Past and current partners include BlackRock, Mount Kellett, Oxford, Fortress, and York Capital.


New York City-based Ismael Leyva Architects, P.C., is an internationally recognized architecture, interior design, and urban planning firm with offices in New York City and Central America. The firm is recognized by the development and construction industry for its uniquely creative, iconic, and practical design. Since the establishment of the firm, Ismael Leyva Architects has built a portfolio of diverse award-winning projects featuring responsive designs that address technical, social, and aesthetic requirements. Ismael Leyva Architects is known for the design of prominent buildings such as Icon, The Charles, BKLYN Air, 66 Rockwell, Marmara Park Avenue Hotel, Place 57, Oro, Yves Chelsea and also the design of the luxury residences at Time Warner Center, Gramercy Park Hotel Annex, 101 Warren, Superior Ink, The Harrison, The Brompton and The Chatham.


Incorporated is an open-source, multidisciplinary architecture and design studio with experience in a wide range of project types, from big to small, that specializes in the integration of design disciplines. They approach a chair, a room, and a superstructure equally. They work globally and act locally, implementing environmental best practices naturally. INC prides themselves in the belief that good ideas can come from anywhere and that to lead is to listen. Each of their projects are a unique portrait, imbued with the aspirations of their clientele, while a tripartite leadership balances the vital elements of successful design: joy, utility, and craft.

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Williams New York is an internationally recognized branding and marketing company with over twenty years of experience in creating some of the most recognized and valuable brands in the real estate, retail and hospitality sectors. The global portfolio includes iconic developments in the Americas, Asian Pacific, Middle East and Europe. The company increases value by developing tailored and compelling brand experiences that encompass film, photography, illustration, 3D rendering visualizations, interactive digital, print, sales experiences, and social media content. More than branding buildings, Williams New York specializes in place making, elevating and defining some of the most significant neighborhoods around the globe.